Special Event – under the tent!

SBE Meeting Announcement

Special Event – under the tent!

BBQ in Riverview!

We have plenty of room and plenty of food!

All free to chapter members!

8 FM stations and 5 TV stations

Thursday, May 8, at American Tower

Presentation from NAB: TV Ratings Technologies

Plus other updates from NAB

13623 Rhodine Rd, Riverview FL 33569

Click HERE for map to entrance, then dirt road to tower site.

11:30 AM Luncheon, 12:00 PM Meeting

Please RSVP to rsvp@sbe39.com for lunch… and a free transmitter (just kidding).

Presentation description from NAB:

How does the peoplemeter work? Exactly what data is hidden in almost all television and radio programming? What does cable/satellite set top box data tell you and what does it not tell you? Why is getting the viewer/listener data so expensive? If the data collection front end of a ratings system isn’t done right, then the subsequent processing means nothing. There are limitations and tradeoffs to each method of audience measurement and this presentation gives a summary of them, plus a quick history of how it all evolved.


Plus other updates from NAB