September 2021 Meeting

Come join SBE Chapter 39 live for our first “In Person” meeting since the Covid pandemic.

Date: September 8, 2021

Lunch: 11:30am

Meeting: 12:00pm

The meeting will be held at the American Tower Site at 13623 Rhodine Road, Riveview, FL. This will allow us to see the new WMOR ATSC 3.0 encoding equipment and their new GatesAir transmitter.

The show is presented by OCoonsortium and other things you can expect to see:

Glass to glass ATSC 3.0 setup. Cloud to ground, ground to cloud demonstration.

Panasonic Kairos System, PTZ cameras and HDR

Triple redundancy power

Triple redundancy internet

ATSC 3.0 equipment

A few surprises

Sponsors include Ocon Solutions, Accelerated Media Transport Solutions, Auburn Graphics, Aveco (automated master control/MAM), OCommunications, Riedel, Panasonic, TVU, Sinclair/OneMedia, and QComm.

I’m sure this will be and enjoyable afternoon and it will be good to “see” everyone again.