November Training Symposium



November Training Session: [CLICK HERE] for our Online Event RSVP.

8:00-8:45 Registration and Refreshments

8:45-9:00 Keynote and Opening remarks
Hosted by: Ralph Beaver

9:00-9:45 Update on Ratings technology for television AND radio
Presentation by: The Nielsen Company

9:45-10:30 Sure Stream Technology
Presentation by: Worldcast Systems

10:30-10:45 Morning Break

10:45-11:30 FM/HD efficiency technology
Presentation by: Nautel Broadcast

11:30-12:15 Modern Remote Trucks
Presentation by: Frontline Communications

12:15-1:00 Lunch Break

1:00-1:45 TV Spectrum Repack
Presentation by: GatesAir

1:45-2:30 IP Technology for Syncrocast Content Delivery
Presentation by: GatesAir

2:30-2:45 Afternoon Break

2:45-3:30 ATSC 3.0 Briefing
Presentation by: Comark

3:30-4:15 Best Practices for Modern Transmitter Remote Control

Presentation by: Burk