March SBE Meeting —– Distinguished Lecturer Rich Chernock


Please mark your calendars for the promised visit and presentation concerning ATSC 3.0 from the IEEE-BTS Distinguished Lecturer Rich Chernock.

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I realize many if not most of you know who Rich is but for those who don’t, please read his bio which is contained below.


Space is somewhat limited so please register as soon as possible for planning purposes.



March 18th


Doors open at 11:30am with Lunch – Session starts at 12:30


Cox Media Group

11300 4th Street North

Suite 300

St Petersburg Florida 33716



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Session Abstract

Update on ATSC 3.0


Rich Chernock / Triveni Digital (ATSC TG3 Chair)


ATSC 3.0 is a suite of new standards and practices for the next generation of broadcast television – a system that will provide even more services to viewers, but will also require a clean break from the technologies of earlier-generation DTV systems. The system requirements include a call for a flexible and more efficient physical layer, mobility, Ultra-High Definition (UHD) images, new solutions for audio, incorporation of new user technologies such as second screen, and incorporation of broadband connectivity.


ATSC 3.0 represents a cooperative effort between all segments of the industry and many parts of the world. This presentation will provide an overview of the status of the ATSC 3.0 activity from a technical point of view as well as the anticipated time schedule.


About our Distinguished Lecturer:

Dr. Chernock is currently Chief Science Officer at Triveni Digital. In that position, he is developing strategic directions for monitoring, content distribution and metadata management for emerging digital television systems and infrastructures. Previously, he was a Research Staff Member at IBM Research, investigating digital broadcast technologies.


Dr. Chernock is active in many of the ATSC and SCTE standards committees, particularly in the areas of future DTV, monitoring, metadata, and data broadcast. He is chairman of the ATSC Technology Group on ATSC 3.0 (TG3) and chairs the AHG on service delivery and synchronization for ATSC 3.0. He was previously chairman of the ATSC Technology and Standards Group (TG1). He is also the Distinguished Lecturer Chair for IEEE BTS.


In another life, he used transmission electron microscopy to study materials characteristics for advanced ceramics packaging and semiconductor technology at IBM. His ScD was from MIT in the field of nuclear materials engineering.